BenEstates Consult

Buying property in Malta

The company’s fully computerised network of offices provides customers with an extensive and up-to-date database of residential property for sale throughout Malta and Gozo. All our associates are professionally trained.

Renting property in Malta

Ben Estates Elite’s extensive database caters for all kinds of properties ranging from the basic necessities, to the most luxurious of homes. The team of letting consultants is highly experienced and all associates strive to meet the clients’ requirements as efficiently as possible.

Commercial property in Malta

Ben Estates Elite’s experienced team can assist you in searching for strategic business premises. With what is possibly the largest database of commercial properties available on the market, the company are always in a position to offer a wide range of choices to suit any client, not only with regards to location but also size. Whether your request is for office premises, retail outlets, catering establishments, warehouses or indeed any other type of commercial property Ben Estates Elite’ comprehensive database is sure to offer an idea to suit your needs.

Luxury property in Malta

For clientele looking for an investment in luxury property Ben Estates Elite have designated associates that specialise in this field.


If you are relocating to Malta as an individual with a company or you are a businessman looking to set up or find out more about the possibilities of setting up business in Malta, Ben Estates Elite can point you in the right direction.

Property management

Property management and maintenance service is provided on request. Ben Estates Elite have a number of foreign clients that have opted to choose this service.